Mid April fills Vernal Pools



Vernal Pool

From ice melt to mayflies
to frogs splashing
and whirligig beetles
that dance circles
foxglove stands sentry

you shine in dappled light
call life to you
call fireflies in the dusk
midwife spring into summer.

dried fern and maple conceals shallow
pool for remaining salamanders
crickets sing in cold nights
damp hidden spirit
rises to meet air and shadow.

Under shooting stars
in a sky that flings
diamonds this moonless night
you are bowl of soft white snow
empty and full
like my heart.


The cycle of the seasons fills the waiting vernal pools with snow melt and rain. There are two pools within sight and sound of my porch. On the Big Night, the first night of rain when the temperature is above freezing, the salamanders, filled with romance, hurry towards the waters.  They are closely followed by  spring peepers, wood frogs, and tree frogs. The wood has become noisy,  Soon  egg masses appear.  In my pools its wood frog and salamander egg masses, and I watch them carefully as they begin to hatch. From dragonfly and mosquito larvae, to new fauns splashing in for fun, life arrives.


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April Fools


April Fools

April fools
aren’t we hoping
for a bit more warmth

to waken the violets
soft wind to quiver
open snowdrops

even as clouds
drop thick pellets
of ice-covered snow


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new poem published today

March Madness: more than basketball, is published on NatureWriting.com.

Thanks, Ron Harton!

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Featured Reader at Gallery Walk

Brattleboro Gallery Walk April 6  at 6pm
I’ll be reading at
Arts Collective at ArtRageUs1
57  Eliot  Street, Brattleboro, Vermont 
Come by! I’d love to see some familiar faces. I’m the featured writer/book for the month of April at the gallery.

Also, a  thanks to Ron Harton, of Naturewatching.com, who’ll publish a piece I’ve written on March 30th. Spring is just around the corner, even if we were walking on Moore’s Pond’s thick ice today.


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Empty homes in sheep fields overlook the ocean.



The land holds their memory.


via Daily Prompt: Faceless

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March Art Show Opening



IMG_2539.jpgIMG_2536.jpgThe show opened with great fun.  We had lovely live music, flowers, good food and drink, and enough art from the Amherst area to find something to make your heart leap.

Louis Mink’s large paintings commanded the long hallway, and those she mentors, me amoungst them  are represented.  Leverett Crafts and Arts is a fine place to have a show.IMG_2544.jpg


This is Monhegan Island, ME, and it’s one of my best efforts, thus far.


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The Healer

She murmurs softly
wipes your arms and face with
a cool damp washcloth

She will glaze your parched lips
with oil, hold warm lemon
tea for you to sip

She’ll comb out knots
as you rest on the pillow
thread her needle with your hair,
carefully mending invisible holes
in your delicate fabric

Version 2


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