Summer’s end

Apples began to fall from the trees yesterday. White faced hornets, bees, and small ragged butterflies mill around goldrenrod and asters. The last few days have been in the 80’s, so we dip into the ponds for the last swims of the season. This morning I  got the ladder out to climb up and gather apples.

The Apple Barn

He lived alone by the old apple barn
after being released from confinement
he was happy except
in the extreme heat
of the early autumn days

when the bees would hoard all of the honey
and dive into the barrels of warm cider he made
like aero-stuntmen from the old days

he’d cuss and leave them to it
the bees would fall drunk around him
on the sweetness of the cider

he lived alone by the old apple barn
gathering apples where they fell
watching the stars on summer nights

steering his dreams by moonlight
after moving to the Ashfield hills
he was happy except
in the extreme heat
of the early autumn days

when memories bobbed up and dived
so many leftover dreams
when he lived alone by the old apple barn

Thanks to Halcyyon Days Magazine, in Canada, for publishing one of my poems at the end of September.


From  Charlotte’s Web, by E B White.
“The crickets sang in the grasses. They sang the song of summer’s ending, a sad monotonous song. “Summer is over and gone, over and gone, over and gone. Summer is dying, dying.” A little maple tree heard the cricket song and turned bright red with anxiety.

The crickets felt it was their duty to warn everybody that summertime cannot last forever. Even on the most beautiful days in the whole year — the days when summer is changing into fall the crickets spread the rumor of sadness and change.

Everybody heard the song of the crickets. Avery and Fern Arable heard it as they walked the dusty road. They knew that school would soon begin again. The young geese heard it and knew that they would never be little goslings again. Charlotte heard it and knew that she hadn’t much time left. Mrs. Zuckerman, at work in the kitchen, heard the crickets, and a sadness came over her, too. “Another summer gone,” she sighed. Lurvy, at work building a crate for Wilbur, heard the song and knew it was time to dig potatoes.

“Summer is over and gone,” repeated the crickets. “How many nights till frost?” sang the crickets. “Good-bye, summer, good-bye, good-bye!”

IMG_1252Last of the flowers at Picadilly Farm, NH.


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Applesauce at Midnight


End of the Garden


We glean the last tomatoes,
small jalapeño peppers, and tomatillos.
I’ve cut basil, sage, lemon balm,
calendula, thyme, parsley, mints,
Saint Johnswort, and anise hyssop.

I picked a small basket of concord grapes
to warm in a saucepan. At moonrise I was ready
for any handy tool to squeeze out the purple juice.
The potato masher was within reach
and worked just fine. By nine o’clock I began
to slice and core apples and pears from the trees
in front of the house. At 11:30 they were
simmering  and steaming on the stove.
By midnight I had pear sauce with raspberries
and cardamon and applesauce with grape juice
and strawberries cooling off.


Ready to can at Wendell Town Hall Sunday morning.
We met at the town hall, the canners and
Susan and Katie, the Canning Wisdom Guides.
Community canning shares kitchen
wisdom, and creates more than jars of good food.


Katie and Judy figure out the brussel sprouts.


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Spoken Word Festival

Turner’s Falls MA. Friday night
I’m reading at the Shea Theater Friday!  Need an audience, THIS IS A BIG SPACE!  Come at 7:45 , and of course, enjoy the other venues as well.
FRIDAY October 13th  The Shea Theater, 7:45
Sharon A. Harmon / Elaine Reardon
Cindy Markevich
Morning Star Chenven
tommy twilite (tom clark)
Dennis Martin Piana
Friday 9:00 show
Ellen Meeropol Dina Stander
Maria Luisa Arroyo Amy Laprade
Mary Clare Powell &Vi Morning Star Chenven Anita Gallers
Cindy Markevich Lori Desrosiers Trish Crapo Alice Barrett Ilina Singh
Tantra ZawadiRichard Wayne Horton – second slot Lori Desrosiers
I’ll be one of the readers at the River Garden on Main Street, between 11- 12:15  Saturday October 14.  Local authors will have books for sale here, including me.
Also drop in at Artrageous Art Gallery, one block down on Elliot Street.  They are a supporter of local writers and artists, and its a wonderful shop.
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Straw Dog Writers Guild Showcase

Straw Dog Writer’s Guild
4th Annual Author Showcase
Forbes Library Wed. Sept 27, 2017 7-9pm
Short readings, refreshments, book signings.
Free & open to the public

I’ll be reading here along with nine other authors, Dick Gently, Michael Goldman, Trivia Over, Richard Wayne Horton, Jan Maher, Ellen Meerpool, Lesley Newman, Jacqueline Sheehan, Gail Thomas.

I’d love to see you in the audience.


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September Readings and giveaway

 Sept 23 & 24  I’ll be one of the folks reading at the Garlic & Arts Festival in Orange MA. My slot is close to noon on Saturday.  Visit the Energy Tent, and find out about alernative sources of energy and conservation.

September 27. I’m part of the Straw Dogs Author Showcase at the Forbes LIbrary in Northampton.  I’d love to see some familiar faces, and I’m pretty excited to be part of this.  AUTHOR SHOWCASE Flyer – 2017 final

My publisher will send you a  free copy of The Heart is a Nursery for Hope. in return for an honest review.  There are a few left. Scroll down Sandy’s blog to find my book cover.




AT Loughcrew, in Oldcastle Ireland,on the autumn  and spring  equinox a beam of light will travel into the doorway and fall upon the altar stones on the back wall.  This is one of the oldest burial places in the world.


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Two new poems published Today


Go take a look !  and scroll down for an opportunity to  have a free e chapbook sent to you of the Heart is a Nursery for Hope. img_0350

While I’m here, I’ll share that this is a close up of an Armenian handmade oriental carpet.  There are folk traditions, magic, and luck  involved in the symbols.



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Labor Day brings good morning literary surprises

This morning a poem was published in moon magazine.  Do follow the link to see the wonderful pairing of photograph and poem.

Also, there is an interview with me at this website, hosted by Amarine Ravenwood, and I think you’ll enjoy her site. It’s new, and I look forward to following her to learn about new books and authors.








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