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Crow The crow calls after I’ve poured  a second cup of coffee. The forest is quiet, aside from Moss Brook,  sound splashing through an open window. Wood frogs left eggs in the pond last night. then went quiet this morning. … Continue reading

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Something Cheerful

I’m dedicating this blog post to Anya, who grew up a mile up this forested dirt road. Anya just had a gorgeous baby, and she now lives in New York. Blessings to Anya, her sweetheart, and the new life they’ve … Continue reading

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All The Earth

All The Earth
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Water & Time

  Moss Brook has seen so much over the decades. Moss Brook begins at Black Swamp, splashed through the forest to join Miller River for twelve miles, where they tumble into the Connecticut River. When I was younger, I imagined … Continue reading

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April Commences

  April In the yard rivulets of water run through mud. I pick up the rake to drag mounds  of gravel back into deep tire  troughs. A warming sun shepherds in snowmelt and sap flow. Later, I look out the … Continue reading

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Winter Sounds

  Winter Sounds We’ve gotten used to sounds  deep in a winter night, a loud ping when the woodstove reaches some cooler temperature,  muffled tumbles of smoldering logs, the creak of pine floorboards  as if someone walked quietly. Downstairs the … Continue reading

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The Winter Garden

The last week brought much snow, so carrots and kale are buried. The mushroom logs have stopped bearing, but I have some dried mushrooms saved, and the end of the kale is in the refrigerator.  There’s a very happy inner … Continue reading

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November Tail end of autumn in-between time bare maple branches scattered dry leaves A young bear pushes his nose into heaped  litter poking through for acorns coyotes howl in late afternoon Scattered red berries dried purple grapes winter hasn’t emerged … Continue reading

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Thinning Veils Between the Worlds

Hallowed Night On Halloween the veil thins to make ready for visitors. I find the linen tablecloth,  place lit candles inside carved pumpkins, set a basket of green apples  from the gnarled tree that stands in front of the house. … Continue reading

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September Days

       The Apple Barn   He lived alone by the old apple barn after being released from confinement he was happy except  in the extreme heat  of the early autumn days when the bees would hoard all of … Continue reading

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