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Into the Woods

Into the Woods Water wriggled down the dirt road, exposed stones under mud,  scrubbed away remnants of winter. Winter rose to the challenge,  tossed a best in class sleet storm down on us, followed by sun, obscured again by sleet.  Hidden under a pine with droopy … Continue reading

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Petersham, Tucked near the Quabbin

The North Quabbin area is often called The Accidental Wilderness. Greenwich, Enfield, Dana, and Prescott are four towns that were settled in the 1700s in the Swift River Valley.  This area was chosen as a perfect area to flood to make … Continue reading

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Small Towns, what’s so special?

    Every October in Warwick we have a top notice pop up art show.  Anyone in Warwick or surrounding towns can put all manner of crafts or fine arts into the show.  We have beginners, kids, to top-notch artists … Continue reading

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