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Poet, writer, gardener, small sculptures—communing with Spirits of the Forest and Field, bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.


June temperatures seesaw between the forties and the nineties, confusing both  tomatoes and peas in the garden. Now as summer solstice arrives, warmth stays. Peonies, iris, daisies,comfrey—all flowers that stand on stalk or tumble on vine,  outdo themselves as  solstice … Continue reading

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May Reading next Sunday

Reading Next Sunday, May 21, 2pm. Toadstool Bookshop, Keene NH I’ll be reading from ‘The Heart is a Nursery For Hope”, and some brand new poems as well. Keene is a great town, Toadstool as a wonderful bookshop.    Come … Continue reading

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Good Things Happen in May

Just in time for onion and shallot planting, I have a poem, Dan Keller’s Onions, published at I’ll be reading from my chapbook at Toadstool Bookshop on May 21, at 2 PM.  You’re invited! There’s a great small cafe hidden … Continue reading

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May Day, Beltaine

The first violets and bloodroot have opened.  Fragrant Trailing Arbutus covers the hill. Blackflies and bumblebees are newly arrived. Moss Brook still flows fast and the vernal pool contains more life each day. Welcome May! The Healer She murmurs softly … Continue reading

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New poem published on Poppy Road Review

Gratitude to Poppy Road Review for publishing a new poem, the Healer…. and here’s the link:  Yes, there are a couple stories in this short poem. Does anyone know where my favorite tipsy angel is from?  

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Easter Egg Masses

Today I woke to find five large wood frog egg masses and two small egg masses. While the Easter rabbit didn’t visit, the Easter Frog left many eggs, and I share them  here with you. I think this vernal pool … Continue reading

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The Big Night

Remember the Italian movie with this name? All the fabulous  Italitian food? The Big Night around here is about amphibians.  It’s about the salamanders and frogs kicking up their heels… and tonight may be the Big Night in this neighborhood. … Continue reading

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