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Poet, writer, gardener, herbalist, pottery, painting—bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.

September Days

       The Apple Barn   He lived alone by the old apple barn after being released from confinement he was happy except  in the extreme heat  of the early autumn days when the bees would hoard all of … Continue reading

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 Flutter Press, in the form of Sandy Benitez, and I have been in contact.  I’m very excited to be published by Flutter Press again and to have artwork by Diane Kremmer for the cover. It takes a village to raise … Continue reading

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Blue Horse Gabbeh

Blue Horse Gabbeh This small carpet glows with turquoise light twilight falls in the tapestry a horse slips down dry hills behind cypress trees she whinnies as dusk approaches saying come for a ride I do    

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New Chapbook This Fall

I’m happy to share that Flutter Press is publishing my second chapbook this fall.  It should be ready in October, available in western MA indie bookshops and on and in another month  The theme of the book is … Continue reading

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Remembering Ruth Denison

Ruth Denison was one of my Darma teachers. I’ve held her memory and her teachings with great appreciation. Ruth Denison Teaches  Ruth sits across from me her specter notices I have not put down my spoon between mouthfuls I comply … Continue reading

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Have You Been to Provincetown?

This week I’ll share some photos from Provincetown, on Cape Cod, MA.  Commercial Street has about four or five blocks that are filled with a huge diversity of shops, restaurants, cafes, and people from all over.  You can find anything … Continue reading

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The New Girl

I wrote this poem for my old nephew/new niece after some conversations and sharing.     The New Girl   Beard plucked out,  face smooth, soft page boy hair. Now you are more girl than me. Traveling from your past … Continue reading

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The Healer

    The Healer She murmurs softly as she cools your limbs with a  damp washcloth glazes your parched lips with oil       holds lemony tea for you to sip She combs out knots from your hair and … Continue reading

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Book Review

Peter Graarup Westergaard’s new book of poetry, Danish Northwest, is one I savored slowly, not wanting to finish. And when I did, I began to read it again. The book was written originally in the dialect of Northwestern Denmark and … Continue reading

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Blueberries are Ripening

  Blueberries They were heaven—sweet food from the fairy realm. We picked along the road into  the field where three sheep watched us warily, then into the woods at the swamp. The first time mum and I picked blueberries I … Continue reading

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