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In Early Spring

Many of us can’t help but think of planting, and onions are a cool-weather crop that can go into the ground early. My neighbors and I often share both seeds and seedlings. This is a story of onion starts being … Continue reading

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Ancient Monuments

Louchcrew Passage Tombs, dating back to 3000 BC is perhaps an hour’s drive from Dublin and it’s one of my favorite places. Loughcrew Passage Broken passage tombs, scattered relics beneath. Old bones and altars hold the strength of Danu. … Continue reading

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The Deer Return

This poem’s style is called a pantoum. Certain lines are repeated. Pantoums can be fun to write. Each March the deer return to munch on dried grass that’s close to the house, and it’s fun to sit and watch them. … Continue reading

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March Madness Sometimes spring splatters violets other times there’s a resurrection of winter or impassable mud-thick roads birds beg and search for any useful thing for nest building buckets hang from maple trees when sap runs fast churches flip pancakes … Continue reading

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