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Mood Indigo

Syncopation Journal,, orignally published this story.  My neighbor’s mother shared stories of her youth, including sneaking out of her house when she was a young woman during prohibition in order to visit the speakeasies. This story is my own … Continue reading

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Winter Storm

Branches crack under the weight of snow cold wind pushes hard against bowing trunks pine forest sways and moans diamonds fall as limbs shiver wind pushes against bowing trunks a groan sounds deep in heartwood diamonds fall as limbs shiver … Continue reading

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If You Were expecting Valentines

If You were Expecting Valentines If you were expecting Valentines, it’s too late. I sent them flying off in the wind last night. Some still lay damp  on the icy ground this morning.   Hearts glistened in the sun. Roosters  … Continue reading

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