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The prospect of fishbones stuck in my throat, robbing me of the ability to breathe, with the offending bone growing larger by the second. When I was a young child this vision sent me to church on St. Blaise’s’ Day with great urgency. … Continue reading

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Morning Stories

When I was very young I’d crawl into bed with my grandmother early in the morning and I’d ask questions, like where did I come from, where did you come from, where did you live before we lived here? Morning … Continue reading

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Snow Storm

 Winter Storm Tracks come out of the woods along the stream left by commuters in a pristine new world stores of pinecones and acorns covered wind loosens trees from their burden snow dances through the air forming and reforming images … Continue reading

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A New Year Begins

Janus has arrived. This fellow was standing in a Dublin street waiting for  January first to arrive. Just below I’ve a small blessing for your  New Year. A Blessing for the New Year Light of  Moon,light of sun,light of stars,illuminate your way. … Continue reading

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What are you Creating this Season?

Once again the world celebrates Diwali, Christmas, Yule, the return of the light, in many ways this season. When I was young, we celebrated ‘American Christmas’ on December 25, and then ‘Little Christmas’ on January 6th. I think it’s fine … Continue reading

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Warm Wishes

for a healthy happy New Year to you and yours. And if you’re looking for something new to read check out this brand new online journal, where I’ve just had two short ‘flash’ fiction published. One of my stories was … Continue reading

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