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Pizza Good pizza like good love can be hard to find It depends on  expectations crisp and crunchy crust stretched thin melted mozzarella hissing hot tomato sauce basil and garlic that’s how I like it I don’t bring home thick  … Continue reading

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Flu Season

This poem is for all the folks who need to take extra time caring for themselves and their loved ones.  The Healer She murmurs softly wipes your arms and face with a cool damp washcloth She will glaze your parched … Continue reading

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The Oldest Cousin in the Clan

Catherine is the oldest one in our batch of cousins, all first-generation Irish mix. One by one many of us returned to visit Ireland, sent by our parent’s memories. Ireland brewed in our blood, stronger than Barry’s tea, or stronger … Continue reading

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Old fashioned Donut Shops

Where I grew up, outside of Boston,  there were a few family-owned donut shops.  Pete’s Donuts was on Ferry Street, and the fragrance wafted out, especially when we walked by after school or church.  We usually didn’t have the coins … Continue reading

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Winter Sounds

  Winter Sounds We’ve gotten used to sounds  deep in a winter night, a loud ping when the woodstove reaches some cooler temperature,  muffled tumbles of smoldering logs, the creak of pine floorboards  as if someone walked quietly. Downstairs the … Continue reading

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