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June is for Roses

  And the Roses   Like ladies at a garden party daylilies lean slightly tipsy by steps leading into a pebbled courtyard Sprays of scarlet roses droop and invite my nose to press in I inhale—the bees have nothing on … Continue reading

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Soaking in Rio Caliente

    River Night                   We submerge into hot river water,  steam rising to meet the stars. My daughter leaves us skinny dipping  at midnight on this quiet hill. We float and swim … Continue reading

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Post D-Day, Uncle Donnie, & Rabbits

Early June’s blog about D-Day reminded me of another story dad told me about Uncle Donnie.  I was in the 7th grade, and reading  Truth is Stranger than Fiction at the kitchen table. Dad sat across from me and I asked … Continue reading

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The Cusp of Summer

The sun finally warms us. Rain, fog, and clouds have served their purpose. Wildflowers have turned my lawn into meadow,  an abundance of daisies, iris, buttercups bloom, now that spring violets, lady slipper,  and starflowers have passed. Frogs call to each … Continue reading

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D Day Stories from Childhood

    Early June brings my sister’s birthday and raises memories of D-Day. For those of you who didn’t have a dad that landed on the beaches, I’ll explain that my sister’s birthday is June 3, and D-Day quickly follows … Continue reading

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