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Cool Mornings Bring a Visitor

Each morning when I opened my front door, a small snake was curled on the sill.  She made her way through a crack in the screen door, and seemed to find this a warm haven. We surprised each other the first few times. Everything grows, including snakes. I, like the snake, seek warmth. Each morning she slips out and wriggles under the porch after I open the door. She has not needed to wait for coffee. I think grasshoppers suffice.


One morning I open the door, and the snake is gone.  But she’s left something for me.



Cool August mornings
small snake wriggled
under the old screen door
a little misaligned
to warm herself
on the aluminum
sill between
the two doors
when the wooden
door opened
to let in the sun
She’d slide gracefully,
out the side
later she’d drape
on the stoop
or glide under
the porch
into darkness.

an empty
snake skin
coiled on the porch
like a thank you card

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August: Eating Peaches


August is a peachy balancing act.  We watch our peaches grow on the tree, from golf ball size, to acquiring a rosy glow in the warmth.  We reach up, carefully  palpating the  fruit,  to  know when ripeness comes close. My neighobors and I share this summer ritual.  Finally, the day of juiciness comes close. Peaches are getting larger, beginning to soften.

Now peach gathering becomes a competitive sport, shared by by many that gather.  Two days before the ultimate juiciness would be achieved, I went out to check the garden .

IMG_2107 2

Indeed, a young porcupine was tree-center, happily munching on a peach. Of course, This porcupine had already munched on several others that were half eaten.  I tried a little conversation.  No joy.  I gently tried to push with the  broom,  No movement. The porcupine finally moved off with a stronger pull, quite unhappily. A few quills went right into the branch and stayed!

Chipmunks are neater eaters.  They are dextrous enough to eat all the peach flesh and just leave the stem dangling!  There are smaller, more delicate visitors as well.IMG_1244 7.13.33 AM

I know the peaches won’t last the night.  It’s too much porcupine temptation.  While they are not dead ripe, they ARE the way this porcupine likes them. I learn to pick early, and, like the  porcupine, begin to pick while the sun is warm.


With ladder and basket, I pluck in summer’s fine taste. I heat the already nibbled ones, and leaved then close to the porcupine’s den.  A few are lobed into the forest for the deer. Soon I’ll be drinking peach ginger lemonade, making peach hand pies to share with my friend Kathy, and whirling peaches with yogurt  and cardamon for breakfast. Summer bliss.







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Reading at Greenfield third Tuesday

Greenfield Third Tuesday August 15th (next Tuesday)
9 Mill Street Greenfield
Doors open at 7:00
7:30 is Open Mic ( one hour of open mic, 5 minute slots, due to demand names will be put in a hat)
8:30 the featured writers
$1 to $5 sliding scale donation
Books will be for sale
This month featuring;
Cindy Snow – Slate Roof
Elaine Reardon – Flutter Press
Sharon Ann Harmon – Flutter Press

Elaine Reardon is a poet, herbalist, educator, and member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. Her chapbook,The Heart is a Nursery For Hope, published September 2016, recently won first honors from Flutter Press . Most recently Elaine’s poetry has been published by Three Drops from a Cauldron Journal, and anthology, MA Poet of the Moment, and She  has also been a finalist in The Writers Digest Poetry Contest and Poet Seat.

Sharon A. Harmon’s poetry has appeared in Green Living, Silkworm, The Aurorean, Worcester Magazine, The Paterson Literary Review and numerous other publications, including a chapbook Swimming with Cats (2008). She was the Poet Laureate in 2015 for the 250th anniversary of Royalston, Massachusetts. Sharon is also a freelance writer and writes for Uniquely Quabbin Magazine. Some of her work has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Caterpillar, Highlights for Children, Birds & Blooms and Millers River Reader. She teaches writing workshops. She lives in the woods of Central Massachusetts with her husband and cat. You may see more of her work at Sharon Ann Harmon Publishing. Has a new chap book of poems out, “Wishbone in a Lighting Jar”.

Cindy Snow’s writing has appeared in the Massachusetts Review, Peace Review, Worcester Review, Crannóg, and elsewhere. Her poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart and has won the Poet’s Seat Poetry Contest. Cindy’s poems earned honorable mentions in the Robinson Jeffers Tor House Prize for Poetry 2017.
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Blueberries for August


 They were heaven—sweet food
from the fairy realm
I ate as we picked along the road
into the field where three sheep watched us
we picked into the woods at the swamp
The first time mum and I picked berries I was three
Mum gasped when she stepped into the swamp
then wiped a muddy high heel in the leaves
I laughed at the silliness of wearing heels
looking back she likely didn’t take time to change
when she saw how I took to these berries
The day she died I brought
home made blueberry ice cream
dad said she wasn’t going to want
blueberry ice cream any more
he sat at the kitchen table and
she lay alone in the next room
I sat with her while breath
rattled in and out
slower and harder each time
I pick wild sweet berries to eat with thick cream
mix them with lemon for blueberry pie each July
far from home now in forest edge garden each year
I enter a contest with birds to see who harvests the most
And I remember the first time


IMG_0971A Lunasa harvest of lavender, calendula, and anise hyssop for tea and tincture.

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Another July Thank you!

Thanks to Ron Harmon, Editor, for the upcoming publishing of River Night on NatureWriting on July 28.

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Book Review — The Heart is a Nursery for Hope

Source: Book Review — The Heart is a Nursery for Hope

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