April Reading in Brattleboro

Welcome To April , All Fools and Wise.  On this day I think of the Fool in the Tarot deck, the card I feel quite aligned with all too often.

READING FRIDAY April 7, at ArtRageous Gallery

Elliot Street, Brattleboro VT   from 6:30-7:30
Part of Brattleboro Arts Walk

I’ll be reading from my book along with several other folks from 6:30-7:30. Then we’ll go off and enjoy the rest of the galleries and museum. Artrageous Gallery has  many gorgeous things, all manner of wonderfully crafted items to dazzle– as well as books!. My book, The Heart is a Nursery for Hope, is available there, at Petersham Gallery, and at the No Quabbin Harvest Coop, in Orange.  If you live in the area, you’ll enjoy the Arts Walk from 5pm on.


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What the Wind Blew In

This morning, at first light  the sky was still. I opened the curtains to let in the light, then snuggled back under the covers, waiting til 7AM. First the wind blew in a dazzling snow squall that swirled like three story tall cloaked Sufis twirling outside so fast that tall pines were hidden.

Second, a proper gift from the beginning of Spring: Please find the first publishing of a new bit of poetry, in https://threedropspoetry.co.uk, for which I am  very grateful. Three Drops in The Cauldron Journal comes out of the UK.  Happy Spring!  The wheel continues to turn toward light.  See if you can find the cauldron.



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St. Patrick’s Day

I’m happy to divert your attention to http://www.masspoetry.org,  or http://www.masspoetry.org/poemofthemoment5/#pomreardon. I’m grateful to be a “Massachusetts Poet of the Moment” this week.

We’ve just received our latest installment of snow, about fifteen inches of the stuff. On sunny days March brings tempuratures to 78 degrees inside– warm enough to open windows during daylight, but still I light a fire in the stove at night, and  remember soaking up to my chin in hot water at Rio Caliente, in  Primavera Mexico.


Primavera Forest / Bosque La Primavera

This forest holds my heart
este bosque sostiene mi corazón

Rio Caliente shimmers below us
a waterfall tumble with clouds of heat

we climb and and scramble carefully
over rocks as we cross the heated mist

sharp scent of pine and mesquite crackle
under our feet as the sun warms the hillside

below us the convent is tucked into a curve
of river where women come to heal
they are washed by the river

it arrives in their innermost places as the nun
muy vieja brings vegetables herbs and prayer
The nun will look into your eyes to consider
your chances and her resources

este bosque sostiene mi corazón
This river flows through my heart

*muy vieja -very old
 Rio Caliente– Hot River

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February News and Snows


Thanks to  Bella Review, http://www.bellaonline.com/review/. They’ll  publish ‘Dan Keller’s Onions, a pantoum form poem, in mid March. Visit them online; its a lovely, rich site.

Winter Pantoum

 Branches crack under the weight of snow

cold wind pushes hard against bowing trunks

pine forest sways and moans

diamonds fall as limbs shiver

wind pushes against bowing trunks

a groan sounds deep in heartwood

diamonds fall as limbs shiver

heaped snow rests discarded

like nightclothes in early morning light

a groan sounds deep in heartwood

Winds shift snow weighing branches down

heaped snow rests discarded

like nightclothes in early morning light

silence aside from a tomcat’s howl

winds shift snow weighing branches down

abiding until light.

silence aside from a tomcat’s howl

in the stillness a moon sliver appears


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Good beginnings for February


Early February brings St. Bridget’s Day. It’s a time that stirs life into seeds before they sprout in growth. In this time of new beginnings, I’ve just received good news from Three Drops  for a Cauldron, Threedropspoetry.co.uk.  Cape Anne Earthquake will be republished next week, and was originally published by Flutter Press. The Rose will be published for the first time in mid March.  Thanks to Kate Garett, Managing Editor. Three Drops for a Cauldron is a journal that prints works that involves  myth, legend, folklore, fable and fairy tales. 

More good news! During the week of February 13-19 I’ll be a featured poet at http://poetrysuperhighway.com/psh/

Poetry Super Highway – Exposing as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible.
The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other…


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Winter Digs In


 Moss Brook shines in the first snow fall. For the first time in a long time, I slow life’s pace to notice what’s here, at my door, and welcome more snow.


In the morning after  snow fall , there are tracks of visitors, the raccoons, porcupine, coyote, fox, deer, and squirrels move through in the snow  long before me.  The vernal pool has frozen clear.






Winter Storm

Tracks come out of the woods along the stream left by commuters

in a pristine new world stores of pinecones and acorns hidden

wind loosens trees from their burden

snow dances through the air

forming and reforming images before laying in the field

icicles hang sideways from the roof

windblown like crooked teeth

while silent birds hunker in trees

whose branches creak with new meaning

Moss Brook runs black next to white my tracks join fox,

squirrel, and deer as we search for something new

in the hushed aftermath of snow


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Happy News that slid into the inbox yesterday

I very much appreciate the ‘top honors’  from Flutter Press,  giving the news that ” The Heart is a Nursery For Hope is being received so well in the world, and I want o thank all the readers, as well as Sandy Benitez, Flutter Press.

Flutter Press
Bestselling Chapbooks from 2016

Posted: 04 Jan 2017 07:30 PM PST

As promised, here are the bestselling chapbooks for 2016. There was actually a tie for third place and it seems that Sleeper by Rachel Adams has placed yet again!

1. First Honor – The Heart is a Nursery for Hope by Elaine Reardon
2. Second Honor – Sleeper by Rachel Adams
3. Third Honor – The Li Bo Poems by Steve Klepetar
Anatomy Lessons by Katarina Boudreaux


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