Just before Halloween

Many thanks to Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly for publishing one of my poems in this newest edition– just hitting the stores now.


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Samhain journal

Three Drops in a Cauldron journal has just published one of my poems in their Samhain edition. It’s free and available online.
Three Drops from a Cauldron: Samhain 2018

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Ancestors on Samhain


Hallowed Eve

On this hallowed night,

I make ready for visitors,

wash the linen tablecloth, 

light candles inside

carved pumpkins,

set a basket of green apples 

from the gnarled tree that stands

in front of the house.

Thick creamy milk from Chase Hill 

Farm’s jerseys  poured into mugs,

wedges of homemade bread 

slathered with butter,

Hot tea, minty and black, 

a measure of whiskey for dad.

This night, a gathering. 

I wait with anticipation 

under the orange-streaked sky.

It’s almost time, almost ready.

Wait for the air to stir.

Welcome the old ones, 

this Hallowed Eve

James Ball, ( b.1731) 

sidhe and nature spirits, 

ancestors who travel through

 rivers of blood, and others  

that follow the stars this night

to join this gathering

so much like a renewal of vows.


Halloween is a time to celebrate the continuation of the family line, to welcome, pray, and enjoy the company of one’s family, known and unknown, who have passed on. There are celebrations like the Day of The Dead in Mexico, and the Catholic Church has All Soul’s Day 10/31/ and All Saints Day 11/1.  In Ancient times in Ireland, this was the beginning of the New Year.  When better than the harvest completion to begin anew?

Do you have a way to celebrate Halloween, Samhain, or a comparable day?



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Book Review — The Heart is a Nursery for Hope

via Book Review — The Heart is a Nursery for Hope

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Thanks To Nature Writing

Two poems will be published by Ron Harton, at naturewriting.com soon.  They’ll publisher on October 25,  and All the Earth  November 1.




Ashfield MA



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The last warmth of october


And the Roses


Like ladies at a garden party

daylilies lean –slightly tipsy 

by steps leading into a  courtyard.


Sprays of scarlet roses droop

and invite my nose to press in

I inhale, the bees have nothing on me


A scent of summer fills the air

 each bloom intoxicates

warm air hums with perfume 


Bees burrow in like lovers

then back out     dazed and weaving

drunk on golden nectar


Stand at the threshold

with antlers, fern, and roses

Listen for the sound of bells

Know then my kin are close





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October Settles In


We haven’t had a frost in this northern corner of Massachusetts, so some plants continue to flounder along, happy enough except for the lack of sun Tomatoes have stopped growing and even the kale sits waiting for the picking.  Only the mushrooms grow.  By three pm.white pines cast long shadows over the garden. The warm yellow leaves on maples make up for the lack of sun, and Laurel Lake is a quiet place of beauty. Even the beavers are quiet.IMG_6114.jpg

Gathering Supper

Russian kale picked 

at dusk sprinkled 

with pine needles

miso and wine splash

onto roasted squash

a little tipsy   all of us 

shiitake filled oak logs pop

like firecrackers now until frost

next to the Moss Brook

from the forest

to the skillet a sizzle of 

shitaki, butter, and garlic

life dances from seed and spore

from fallen trees at forest edge

onto our table tonight


All the Earth

I bow to  worms, bacteria, 

microorganisms, small seed packets 

that waited patiently for the right 

conditions to begin new life.   

What you seek is seeking you;

a flash of movement caught

in the corner of your eye.

Life emerges at the edge of vision


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Thank You to Poppy Road Review

where one of my ‘darker’ poems was just published today. Thanks, Sandy Benitez!



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Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch, and Georgia OKeefe




The front lawn of the  main building


IMG_5801.jpg Our group of painters loves the southwest drove down to Ghost Ranch to experience what drew Georgia OKeefe here firsthand.  As we drove south the mountains were  We left Taos via the Rio Grande Gorge.  We knew we’d go back to paint it, but this day we kept driving to Abiquiu.

IMG_5810.jpgGhost Ranch offers workshops and retreats, horseback riding and more.  We set up our easels on the front lawn until after lunch when the winds blew too hard.IMG_5823.jpg Ghost Ranch offers several types of tours. We took a tour that showed us places that Georgia OKeefe enjoyed painting and took us by her house.IMG_5842.jpgIMG_5843.jpgIMG_5846.jpg Our guide had prints of Georgia’s work and held them up in front of the various rock formations that Georgia had painted. It was startling to see  OKeefe’s take on how to simplify the landscape down to its essence.IMG_5866.jpgIMG_5874.jpg

May you create things that give pleasure

May you learn and always grow

Best, Elaine

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Taos Paseo Multinational Illumination

Taos.  Light. Night.  Kit Carson. Community. What brings these diverse things together?  The Paseo. That’s what. The Paseo is an experimental community of art coming together with interaction. It’s Art in Kit Carson Park, parking at the local school, light/illumination of all kinds.  And it brings people of all ages into the street to listen, watch, dance, and be part of the art experiment that is paseo… for two nights only.  These photos are only a smattering of what happened at Paseo.

Our favorite was the illuminated tipi, made by the fifth and sixth grade at the local Taos Day School as part of a STEM workshop. This was in Kit Carson Park, not far from the largest display from Madrid Spain. The students combined science with native and western cosmology through art. For more information on this  inspiring project  see  https://paseoproject.org/paseo-2018-indigenous-cosmology-meets-particle-physics-youth-workshop/



At center stage, visible from a distance, was the main display. The Space Cloud was designed by Espacio La Nube, a design/architectural team in Madrid, Spain. It’s a 10,000 sq ft inflatable pavilion, a huge balloon that had an enormous line of people waiting to go inside.IMG_5650.jpgIMG_5651.jpg

Next, there were illuminated balls, umbrellas, and a light show of lightsticks, as well as voice/sound/movement activated displays.  It stretched the imagination and made participating fun.

Enjoy bright moonlit nights wherever you are.





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