Summer Bounty

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Canning Jars

I had need of the old jars this morning                                                                                           went to the cellar to retrieve them                                    
the canning jars still had bits                                                                                                           of your faded handwriting 

Twenty-two years ago you wrote                                                                                              lavender, thyme, anise-hyssop                                                                                                         on stickers with neat calligraphy
a row of garden for the herb shelf 

It was difficult to loosen faded labels                                                                                                to fill the jars with something new                                                                                                they now sparkle in the dish drainer                                                                                                aside from rust on the hinges 

Like what changes the heart                                                                                                             what charges iron to rust                                                                                                                 can’t be removed easily

This season has had extremes of both weather and temperament all over the globe. We’ve ahs a cherry and two maples topple over in a storm this week. This winter they’ll be unexpected firewood, andthen return to the earth as ash after warming us. The cycle of life takes unexpected turns. Have you been nurturing something, in a garden, flowerpot, or in your heart?

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