Cassidy’s Pub

I wrote this poem after visiting Cassidy’s Pub in Dublin with my writing group. Many of us were thinking and talking about Brexit, holding our breaths almost, waiting to see what the outcome would be. The old history surrounded us all, from Michael Collins running down the halls there, to the Peace Accord made manifest, and the Garden of Remembrance across from our writing. It’s a fine corner of Dublin to visit on Parnell Street, and Cassidy’s is a fine place to be with friends to be as well.

O’Connell Street

Cassidy’s Pub on O’Connell Street

It meant nothing more than a pint

in the pub. We chatted over pints,

briefcases and handbags stowed,

sweaters and raincoats tossed over 

chairs. Francis said Michael Collins 

frequented Cassidy’s Pub. Collins arrived

from Cork and put his own life 

into the wind. Now on O’Connell Street 

people on benches rest and reflect

in The Garden of Remembrance, created

for children of Ireland in the coming times, an

inheritance for coming generations of hope.

Our mythology, children changed to swans, 

is manifest into bronze form, the Word is made

Sacred. Our time is transforming into greater peace. 

In these days of soft border crossings, people

speak of counties to the north. In our time 

of healing, Brexit came in like a fox among 

rabbits. On both sides of the border we ask

will the Good Friday Peace Agreement hold?  

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