Climate Change

Garden Fire 

In May I pulled away winter’s weeds, 

spread manure, and fastened new

fencing. We made a trellis from pine saplings, 

an art installation for tomatoes to climb. 

Finally, time to plant broccoli, lettuce, and chard. 

When I didn’t want to think anymore about 

fires in California, when I felt helpless as so many 

packed to leave homes, my tears moistened

the soil. I imagined they were rain

falling in California. 

Warm enough finally

for peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant.

More fires out west, the land dry from

a lack of rain. I weeded every morning, held tiny 

cucumber blossoms at my fingertips.

Thought of smoke-filled skies, of choosing 

what to pack to outrun such danger. 

And the tomatoes–such profusion. Winter squash

climbed the trellis, then over the fence,

down the other side. 

What is it like to wake, smoke stinging eyes,

when simply breathing hurts?

Each morning’s grace is a garden meditation where

I sit inside a golden squash blossom, protected. 

Bees buzz gently in with me

covered with the gold dust.

They are intent on doing only 

one thing at a time and notice only nectar.

I dry herbs, gather potatoes, and listen to what the insects say.

okra blossom
Covered in pollen

About elainereardon

Writer, forest dweller, gardener, herbalist, and painter, often bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.
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5 Responses to Climate Change

  1. Patricia says:

    Beautiful ,Elaine…thank you so much for sharing such a moving expression of feelings affected by the suffering of climate change and yet the beauty of the present moment in your space.


  2. daveyk1001 says:

    Hallelujah! Congratulations E.

    This piece was quite something. Amid the savage soot of amorphous carbon drifting wildly to each corner your poetic harmony remains a safe heaven.

    There are indeed fires across Europe too. People having to up and leave their homes along with their family, pets and belongings is a sad endurance that still holds no unifying leap forward to change the seemingly inevitable.

    Nature has shared it’s remedy for eon’s and perhaps so should we?

    A silver bullet may leave the gun but change takes time. However the call for unity has never seemed so appropriate. We don’t have to lose our independence when tackling Climate Change. Blame is for those who cannot yet evolve a solution.

    Your piece was well worded and flowed quite well.

    Great stuff 🤔🙏🌍🌎🌏🌐



  3. Anna Cullen says:

    Love this poem. It pulls at your heart for the suffering they are going through. The animals the trees the people where can they run


    • Thanks, Anna, Yes, this really came from my heart and I weeded and watched. And of course, we’ve had our own personal microburst knock some trees and wires down here!


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