Moore’s Pond

This summer is unlike one many of us have lived through.  I’ve heard that in the 1950s many people were told to stay away from beaches during the polio epidemic. This summer we are trying to do our best to slow down this new COVID pandemic, and it can be difficult, and bring up many emotions.  I went for an early walk at Laurel Lake State Park.  The waters were clear enough to see minnows dart, to see sand ripples below, while above as light danced through the water. May your summer be safe. I’d love to hear how you are spending time this June.


Summer Begins

kids dive and shout

look––the geese

a fish bit me

watch out– a snake

hey– let’s swim to the rock

the buzz of bumblebees

doing the impossible

stuffing themselves into

each blossom head first

a quiet plop

the frog disappears

when the turtle

slips off the rock

the change from day to dusk

when the cicadas pack up shop

and crickets take over the night

and like teenagers

for no good reason

except its summer and

we’ll fall in love again


About elainereardon

Writer, forest dweller, gardener, herbalist, and painter, often bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.
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  1. Evelyn Dunphy says:

    Love your poem, Elaine. xoxo Evelyn


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  2. Luci H Buckner says:

    Another great poem & the images I imagine when I read it. You’re lucky to live by a pond. Not many of them close by here where I live. Just the old French Broad River which is very murky. This June celebrating being alive & trying to enjoy the Summer. Cleaning & reading & watch the cats & the wildlife in my little corner of the woods. Hope you’re day is special. Peace & Joy to you….


    • Thanks, Luci,
      I know you live in a beautiful place, too, and I think you have found your way to beauty to live in often in your life. When I traveled to the south in my early 20’s I was surprised at how brown many of the ponds and lakes were where we camped. Coming from New England, I’d never seen that. Years later, I was futher surprised when I was in downtown Galway, Ireland, a pretty big city, and saw salmon jumping up the river! Talk about clean running water!


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