Bosque La Primavera



Primavera Forest National Forest/ Bosque La Primavera.  There used to be a small nunnery tucked into the edge of Bosque La Primavera. Women, most often at the edge of life, found their way to this Abbess.


Convent in Primavera Mexico

She examines the eyes
to make her prognosis,                                                                                                               assesses the whole person                                                                                                               makes her pronouncement.

Todavia esta toxica—everything is toxic.                                                                                         She bundles three packages,
labels written in her hand,
herbs gathered on hillside and forest.

She knows I won’t stay here.
I know behind adobe doors                                                                                                               there are women who have traveled far,                                                                                            from all over Mexico.

The convent fills with grace and prayer.                                                                                          She feeds us from her garden,
prepares herbs gathered on the hill.

This wise old abbess, alchemist
of fire, earth, air, and water,
the beginning and ending for so many.


This is close to where the water comes out from the ground, and it’s way too hot to touch. The water has to cool off in pools to be usable. This area, at the Edge of the Sierra Madre Mountains, is sacred land to the Huichol, and this amazing nun found it’s healing potential as well.

In this time of time of global change, what has given you comfort?  Is there a way you are able to help others?

May all beings be safe,

May all beings heal,

May all of our planet heal,



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  1. Phyllis Natanek says:

    Beautiful, Elaine.


  2. Sorry! I meant to type “so lovely”!

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  3. She must have a wonderful person who will be much missed. You have created a wonderful tribute to her and her legacy


    • She was, so mluch so that the convent closed. She was a formidable force of nature, as the saying goes. She was less than 5 feet tall, with a wry frame. But you had to listen to her. She was a trained iridologist, which seems amazing to me.

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  4. David says:

    Stunning photographs. Where the mindscape shares the Landscape.


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