April Commences


This is Loughcrew, in Oldcastle, Ireland.  At Easter, the sun will hit the back altar. There’s a lottery to be part of the group inside for this event.



In the yard rivulets of water

run through mud. I pick up

the rake to drag mounds 

of gravel back into deep tire 

troughs. A warming sun shepherds

in snowmelt and sap flow.

Later, I look out the window

when a doe raises her head to

look inside at me. Surprised,

we both pause a moment.

Two fawns come into focus

as they move on the hill. One 

eats an old squash I tossed out

last night. The other fawn jumps 

in the pond, her back legs splash high.

It’s still cold. Salamanders are expected

soon. Deer herald spring’s arrival now, when

our mealtimes coincide. They portend spring

better than any calendar. We share suppers 

now, only a pane of glass separates us.




About elainereardon

Poet, writer, gardener, herbalist, pottery, painting—bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.
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6 Responses to April Commences

  1. Margie says:

    Love the poem! I had 2 mamas and 2 babies in my back yard too. Yes, Spring has arrived!🌷


  2. Kathleen Corbett says:

    Thank you,aren’t you lucky,great photo.K


  3. Luci H Buckner says:

    Great poem….Spring is so special…everything fresh & new…take care xxoo Elaine


  4. shelleyhines says:

    Gorgeous and a wonderful reminder that Life is in Full Bloom♡♡♡


    • Thanks, Shell. It’s these things that can bring us into balance. I watched a line of deer at dusk; They looked like they were trying to ‘sneak’ past the house without being seen. Almost comical!


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