Finding Comfort at Home

We all have some special items that bring us joy or comfort, whether it be an old teapot we’ve inherited, a special pair of socks, or, this case, carpets.  These carpets remind me of my old friend, Cornelious Montgomery, who was an oriental carpet expert.  When I found the Armenian carpet she said I couldn’t pass it up, and we crawled on the floor peering at the knots and colors through her magnifying glass. Cornelia has passed on. Thie carpet will outlast me, and, as Cornelia suggested, be passed on to my grandchildren.

IMG_0006.jpegLike many Armenians,  I’m seduced by beautiful carpets. Carpets are to our culture what hot dogs represent in popular American culture. This is an ode to carpets.



Persian Carpet


The carpet seduces like 

an old lover come to visit

I lift a corner and light

shivers blue and silver from the weave

sheep that jumped and spun the 

mountain air near

Shiraz transformed

hearts beat deep within the weaving

alive and woven into time

heart opens to the story this gabbeh tells

Hands wove and knotted the telling

then open up to let the story go



The two carpets above are Gabbeh carpets.  They are hand made, as is this Armenian carpet below. May we all have health and beauty in our lives.


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  1. shelleyhines says:

    Total Pleasure♡♡♡ This boosts the immune system too!


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