February Chill

Tonight’s snowy coldness brought this poem to mind.  Today began with rain, then snow, followed by sun and more snow, tumbled together.  The temperature has dropped now, and ice covers the snow.  I’ve just tossed a large piece of oak and cherry into the woodstove, and I’m heating a gallon or raw milk to make yogurt on the stove.



Below Zero Tonight


When it’s below zero and

quiet coldness radiates 

through window frames

Sweep the kitchen clean

load the woodstove with cherry

watch bright flames dance 

roast chestnuts

hold their warmth before you eat

leave cupboard doors open

to heat water pipes

notice a shiver of moonbeam dance

across the glaze of snowIMG_0153.jpeg


About elainereardon

Poet, writer, gardener, herbalist, pottery, painting—bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.
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4 Responses to February Chill

  1. Sharon Ann Harmon says:

    I remember leaving faucets dripping and leaving cupboard doors open. I also remember ice in the toilet and pipes bursting. Don’t miss any of that. But nice poem!

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    • Oh yes, There’s been a few facet dripping nights, with kitchen cupboard doors open, here this winter, too. But now that the sun is higher, the rooms heat up quickly once it’s 9AM and the sun is over the tree line.


  2. Margie says:

    Nice poems!

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