Old fashioned Donut Shops

Where I grew up, outside of Boston,  there were a few family-owned donut shops.  Pete’s Donuts was on Ferry Street, and the fragrance wafted out, especially when we walked by after school or church.  We usually didn’t have the coins required to buy the donuts, but when we were older, it was a destination.  My Gram never wanted us to buy donuts, though, and so it was always a secret.  Years later I married and lived right in the back of Pete’s, my kitchen window opened to the early morning smell of breads and yeasts… and I found out that My Aunt met my Uncle Paul at this donut shop.


Pete’s Donut Shop

Mornings at five AM fragrance of rising 

dough ascended through open windows 

express from Pete’s Donuts back door

to my kitchen. A fence separated us

from jelly, honey glazed, and cinnamon.

When we were kids we’d sneak to Pete’s

after school to buy donuts when our parents

weren’t looking. It was dicey, dangerous business,

visiting the donut shop. We knew that’s how

Aunt  Zabel & Uncle Jack met when she went 

to the donut shop, that’s why they married so young. 

Cousin Liz was proof of what came from the donut shop.

baked bakery baking bread

Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels.com


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12 Responses to Old fashioned Donut Shops

  1. Luci H Buckner says:

    What a great story & poem. I love donuts too but hardly ever eat them. Just looking at pictures of them makes me drool. Glad you had those experiences at Pete’s. Food memories are wonderful.

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    • Thanks, Luci :). I used to sneak down and never knew why my grandma seemed unhappy about Pete’s. It wasn’t until a few yrs ago that I found out my aunt met her husband to be there when they were teenagers and started her family a little earlier than expected. These days it’s not easy to find a good donut, and I live way too far out. Last year I made some from scratch once.


  2. Joy Kaubin says:

    Very “sweet”!


  3. shelleyhines says:

    Sweet & Sneaky 😉

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  4. Joan Culwell Pickwell says:

    Elaine, you did it again! Brought back wonderful memories of when we were children! Pete’s Donut Shop was a weekly stop for us on Sundays, if Dad didn’t give my sister the money to get a dozen donuts then he would pick them up after he and Mom went to church, my favorite was honey dipped. The smell of the donuts cooking in the hot oil permeated the entire neighborhood. Last time I was in Everett the building was still there but no longer a donut shop! What a pity!

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  5. Anna c says:

    This makes me want to get my old doughnut recipe out .YUM..thank you Anna


  6. Phyllis Natanek says:

    The Donut Shop…was a lovely memory work.


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