Rainy Days Call for Tea

IMG_8505.jpgThe rain splashed enthusiastically on the cobbled streets today and kept me close to home.  I went to Cake Cafe for breakfast, just a short walk up Camden Street. Cake Cafe is a place I should have come to earlier.  It’s lovely and worth camping out nearby, so you can have an explanation worthy breakfast, and later have homemade cake for an afternoon treat.  The cafe makes everything from scratch, including their blend of herbal teas for a variety of focuses.  I had a ‘relaxing tea that, as an herbalist, I couldn’t have made better, or had it taste as well.  Very impressive. I sat next to two young women from Germany who were also seduced by their cake.  I wish I had photographed their breakfasts– they were gorgeous.  Thick slices of homemade bread slathered with guacamole, covered by two poached eggs, and cannellini beans over the bread, with two eggs perched on top. I was sorry I had ordered the carrot almond meal pancake with poached fruit. We all ate our breakfast happily. After, they shared a slice of golded orange sponge cake.IMG_8507.jpegIMG_8499.jpeg

In the afternoon, I walked down Lennox Street to the Bretzel Bakery, well known for their bread. Inside was cozy, against the rain outdoors.


IMG_8531.jpeg  I’d highly recommend both these eating spots if you’re in the city center, near Dublin 8, Portobello area.


This loaf of barmbrack was made at the Bretzel Bakery.  It’s a lovely thing to have at Halloween.  May all beings be safe and warm. Have a good Samhain & Halloween.

How do you celebrate or connote the turning of the season and this Halloween time?

This ends my trip to Ireland.  Join me in mid-November for a trip to Savannah Georgia. For those who asked, here’s the link at Lulu.com for my book, also available at amazon. http://www.lulu.com/shop/elaine-harootunian-reardon/look-behind-you/paperback/product-24249197.htmlCover.jpg



Happy New Year,


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  1. Sharon Ann Harmon says:

    Autumn is my favorite time of year. I decorate inside and out pumpkins gourds a few lights. Make homemade apple pie, applesauce and hot mulled grape cider. Beef stew, masala tea you get the picture. Light the woodstove or fireplace and roam roads throughout New England for foliage pictures. Lots of reading, lots of writing. Cozy, warm, love.


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