O’Connell Street/Cassidy’s Pub

The Garden of Remembrance


Brexit is on every newscast this week. Still, we have no idea what will happen, or when. I toast my Dublin Writers’ Group, The Ink Slingers.  It was great to be back with you.  Frank (Francis), this one’s for you.

Cassidy’s Pub, OConnell Street

It meant nothing more than a pint

in the pub. We chatted over pints,

briefcases and handbags stowed away,

sweaters and raincoats tossed over 

chairs. Francis said Michael Collins 

frequented Cassidy’s Pub. Collins arrived

from Cork and put his own life 

into the wind. Now on O’Connell Street 

people rest on benches and contemplate

in The Garden of Remembrance, created

for children of Ireland in the coming times, 

inheritance for coming generations of hope.

Our mythology, children changed to swans, 

the new peace manifest into form, Word made

Sacred, life sacred. Transformation into peace. 

In these days the of soft border crossings, people

speak of the country to the north. In our time 

of healing, Brexit has come like a fox among 

the rabbits. On both sides of the border, we wonder

will the Good Friday Peace Agreement hold?  




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