Have You Been to Provincetown?

This week I’ll share some photos from Provincetown, on Cape Cod, MA.  Commercial Street has about four or five blocks that are filled with a huge diversity of shops, restaurants, cafes, and people from all over.  You can find anything from an ice cream cone, dim sum, a fine meal, a whale watch or fishing trip, art galleries, or a town beach that looks into the bay.




The West side of town stretches towards the lighthouse point and National Seashore beaches. Streets are skinny and filled with cottages, old homes, and a riot of gardens.  The east end of town is quieter.












IMG_7676.jpegThese photos are all taken on a mile stretch of Commercial Street, Provincetown.

Do you have a place that calls to you, that you love to return to?  My family vacationed on the cape when I was young Like many families we’d drive to P-town to spend one day ‘shopping’.  We’d walk Commercial Street,  buy linguica rolls in the bakery, and find other ways to spend the money we had saved for vacation. Today families still spill out of the parking lots to fill the shops, while others head to the National Seashore beaches.  Traffic– getting on and off the cape, is a major issue now, so if you go, try not to travel down over the bridges on Friday night or Saturday.  I’d love to hear where you enjoy visiting to relax and recharge.  What places are evocative for you?

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