Christina & Andrew’s World​

Cushing ME. Andrew Wyeth came to Port Clyde during the summer as here grew up, because his dad, NC Wyeth had a summer home.  In time, Andrew met Betsy, who he married.  Betsy introduced Andrew to Christina and Alvaro, her brother.  The rest is history.  This wasn’t a famous part of Maine. It’s quiet still, with many lobstermen working the sea. Many still take the mailboat from Port Clyde to Monhegan Island.


Rockland is the big nearby town, and many tourists drive past on the way to Camden, Castine, and Arcadia National Park. This is a quiet place of great beauty. NC, Andrew, and Jamie Wyeth have found it so, along with Hopper, and many other painters. But years ago, when Betsy and Andrew were young, they drove over here. He was mesmerized.  The story is that he began to paint immediately, and he continued for thirty years. Andrew asked permission to be buried in the family cemetery, just across the small road.


IMG_7244.jpeg The house itself was given to the Farnsworth Art Museum, in Rockland, and it’s open from Memorial Day on for the summer season. If you enjoy Maine art, the Farnsworth Museum is worthy of a visit.



This is the window with a small table where Christina sat to look out the window. She loved geraniums.


The Kitchen and pantry.  Christine and Alvaro were the last of the Olson-Hathorne line to live here.  There are still many Olsons in the community.




Andrew had an upstairs room in the house to use as a studio.




IMG_7210.jpegMay the land you walk on sustain you.

What creativity do you nurture that feeds you?


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