Caouchin Day Centre for the Homeless

  • You may remember that some of my writing is part of this new anthology published in Dublin with the Inksplinters Writing Group, and the profits from this book are going to support this program. Hurrah! and Blessings to them.


27th May 2019

Prayers for God’s Blessings and Sincere Thanks To

Harry Browne of Inksplinters

For your Donation of €1,000

Wishing God’s love, peace, hope and joy

To You and all who support our work with people in need.

Dear Harry,


Just a brief note to acknowledge your very generous donation of €1,000. This will be a great help in offsetting our costs for providing this vital service.


As you can see from the media, our numbers are increasing by the day and more people are falling into poverty. We try to help by providing meals and grocery parcels to supplement their food needs. While it is a constant challenge to keep up with demand and plan for the future, we Capuchins know that with the help of God working through kind people like you, we will continue in our apostolate to those most in need.  Every day we thank God for your generosity, and it strengthens our own Christian commitment to the work.


On behalf of the people who attend the Centre and the Irish Capuchin Franciscan Order, we offer renewed thanks and our prayers for God’s blessings on you and all you hold dear.

Bro. Kevin and Bro. Sean

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