A Love of Endings


 Pondering a Love of Endings

Sometimes when I read a book I want the stories to go on, to leave the pages, to have a breath of life hover over their papery souls that kindles them into an ability to carry on without any help from the author. But often I think characters are left marooned when the story ends.

Some ending are clear and good, for example, the end of Romeo and Juliet, 12th Night, or MacBeth. You know the story is done. There’s no need for Shakespeare to continue on with the next installment.  He knew how to end a thing well and good, to have a final feeling.  Billy Collins is the same in his poetry. The end is clearly the end.

Star Wars begged for a sequel, movie after movie, moving through time from one generation to the next. I thought Star Wars got muddled down in noise and combat from its more lofty beginnings in the fight between good & evil. Luke and Darth Vader came to represent so much in our society. Well, at least to me. I still draw analogies between ‘real life’ and the first couple of Star Wars movies. In my imagination, the current American President would firmly be in Darth Vader’s camp. In fact, Darth could have even visited the White House, in my imagination. Can you imagine the movie script? On the other hand, Bernie Sanders would definitely be on Luke Skywalker’s team. In fact, Bernie could have been one of Luke’s earlier teachers. Remember the old footage of Bernie marching next to Martin Luther King?  He’s remained constant through the years, even without a lightsaber. In this case, I’d like a good ending; I want Luke’s team to win. I want a good ending to this story.


Is there some book, poem,  or movie that continually speaks to you, and that you see having wider implications in the ‘real world’ setting?



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