Between the Quabbin and Connecticut River



French King Bridge crosses the Connecticut River. Here the MIllers River runs into it.




Route 2 travels past the North Quabbin towns and crosses over Connecticut River in Erving MA. Although Route 2 is the only major east/west road, it only has one lane going in each direction. For over twenty miles it closely follows the Miller’s River, which flows into the Connecticut River. Route 2 was originally a walking trail used by the Native Americans, and it’s called The Mohawk Trail in this area. Out further west, it wasn’t paved until the 1920s and wasn’t passable in the winter.


spoiled for choice: Which state forest to visit? 

Route 2 takes you through the center of Erving.   


Shortly after entering Erving, you’ll notice this sign. Bart’s is locally made ice cream.  They also serve a local brew coffee, huge delicious sandwiches, home-made pies, and scones so good that they made Yankee Magazine.


If you’re looking for a gift or some sweets, pull into the next establishment, Erving Station, a homemade candy shop.  Just in time for Easter, they have hand made old fashioned sugar eggs, as well as very delicious chocolates and other treats that you can see them making if you peek into the kitchen area.  Do you have a favorite off the beaten track you’d like to recommend close to your home town, no matter where that is? You’re welcome to share below, in the comments.


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  1. shelleyhines says:

    I call the French King Bridge,
    The Beautiful Bridge☆ & send ♡ energy for healing the wounds surrounding it’s history


  2. Yes, a lot of Native blood was spilled just a little downriver.​ There have been gatherings to pray, forgive, release.


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