Small Towns, what’s so special?



Every October in Warwick we have a top notice pop up art show.  Anyone in Warwick or surrounding towns can put all manner of crafts or fine arts into the show.  We have beginners, kids, to top-notch artists that show in New York City and have their work hanging in galleries.  This was my corner last year. The evening begins Friday night with wine flowing freely, and ends with Beth’s incredible chocolate mousse.  You’ve never seen such an enormous bowl of mousse.  You could bathe a baby in the bowl.





During the winter the town hall turns into a dance & music hall once a month. Again volunteers cook. One month it’s Super Bowl, with soups and homemade bread and desserts, then music and dancing begin. The next month its pizza, and in March it’s a St. Pat’s type of supper, and the music rocks out.  Of course, volunteers cook and clean up. Many people pitch in to fold up the tables and chairs after the meal. Last year one of the events happened during a winter storm, and the electricity went out all over town.  Clean up couldn’t happen until the next day.   But the band played on, unplugged, and people that lived close by went home to get lanterns and solar lights. Sometimes we’ve had movies at the town hall, complete with popcorn.  So many of us go because we are thrilled not to have to drive  20 miles or more to see a movie.


Our local church is open for yoga class, meditation, and a variety of discussion groups.


This fountain in front of the library?  People come from a distance to fill up water bottles. The water flows straight off Mount Grace to the library and a couple other buildings. When we lose electricity, many of us meet here when we fill bottles of water.





People also gather at our library on Saturday mornings.  The library serves coffee and homemade snacks each Saturday, and it’s got an early crowd, and the after yoga class crowd.  People wander in to buy trash bags, to find books and use computers, and to have their kids play in the kid’s section while they catch up with friends.  It’s also a place to solve problems since there are so many people gathered.  Last week my friend Jim called me over to chat with me and included Greg, a local carpenter. Jim has looked over a repair job and thought Greg could help out.  We ironed out a few ideas and even included my friend Lisa, who stopped by and had some ideas. Not only did I leave with a few books and a great cup of coffee, I now was on the road to having a contractor come to visit. This is the stuff that happens in small towns, not to mention the great walks through the forests and swimming in the ponds once summer comes.



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