Bosque La Primavera



Primavera Forest / Bosque La Primavera



This forest holds my heart

Este bosque sostiene mi corazón


Rio Caliente shimmers below us

a waterfall tumble with clouds of heat


we climb  and scramble carefully

over rocks as we cross the heated mist


sharp scent of pine and mesquite crackle

under our feet as the sun warms the hillside


below us the convent is tucked into a curve

of river where women come to heal


they are washed by the river

it arrives in their innermost places as the nun


muy vieja brings vegetables herbs and prayer

The nun will look into your eyes to consider


your chances and her resources

Este bosque sostiene mi corazón


This river flows through my heart


                                     Muy Vieja -very old       Rio Caliente– Hot River





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