‘And The Roses’ By Elaine Reardon/’Bee Dream Of The Giant’ By Jayne Marek


Bee Dream of the Giant“Bee Dream Of The Giant” By Jayne Marek

Jayne Marek has provided color cover art for Silk Road, Bombay Gin, The Bend, and her two full-length poetry books—In and Out of Rough Water (2017) and The Tree Surgeon Dreams of Bowling (2018).  Her works appear in The Lake, Amsterdam Quarterly, Cortland Review, New Delta Review, Stonecoast Review, Forage, Raven Chronicles, Women’s Studies Quarterly, About Place Journal, Notre Dame Review, and elsewhere. www.pw.org/content/jayne_marek

And The Roses

Like ladies at a garden party
day lilies lean slightly tipsy by steps
leading into a pebbled courtyard
Sprays of scarlet roses droop
and invite my nose to press in
I inhale—the bees have nothing on me
Scent of summer fills the air
each bloom intoxicating
warm air suffused with perfume
Bees burrow in like lovers
then back out dazed and weaving
drunk on golden nectar
Stand at the threshold

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Poet, writer, gardener, herbalist, pottery, painting—bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.
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