This is another poem that was first published in the sleep health journal published at Sleepy Head Journal https://sleepyheadcentral.com. 



Dreams                                      1

In my sleep

I grab soft 

handfuls of wool 

thick with lanolin 

red clover and lavender

mingled in

I dream that I turn to you 

in a scratchy field of grass 

when shaky legged lambs 

bend over us

obscuring the sun

Like small cumulus clouds 

with floppy ears

the lambs dip their heads to eat 

dandelions and heartsease

chew bouquets of herby goodness

and eye us                    still in bed

still dreaming them.


Do you keep a dream journal, or notice any patterns to your dreams? Have you tried to change your sleep pattern? If so, what’s helped you?  Do you have certain things you do before bed that help you to sleep well?  Please share in the comments section. Wishing you good sleep.




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