Go To Sleep, Now



My favorite Angel Protector on O’Connell Street, Dub.


This is a poem I wrote a while ago, tongue in cheek, for the Sleepy Head Journal https://sleepyheadcentral.com. It was published there last winter. In the United States good sleep has become an important issue for many people, and it can be a bit like hunting unicorns. If you are one of the many folks dealing with broken sleep patterns you may find something you’ve tried in this list. If not, you may find some musical or herbal inspiration. Recently I learned that when we are in the deepest levels of sleep our brains go through a kind of ‘self-cleaning’ cycle. During the middle of the night, our liver works as well, according to Chinese medicine. So it’s important to sleep, and find some deep level uninterrupted sleep. The website above has a lot of helpful information.

Do you have a something you do that helps you to sleep on those nights you find it doesn’t come easy?  Please share under the comments at the end of the blog.



Our Lady of Fatima, from Davey’s church in Dublin, (maybe St. Martin’s)



Go To Sleep

Warm milk, chamomile tea in the Peter Rabbit mug. 

Then alprozolam, clonazepam, temazepam, Mozart

Chopin, Bach, onto          chanting and breath yoga

Next, counting backward and breathing slow

On to walking—but not too fast,

yoga, qi gong, and mediation’s touch.

Then kava, and chamomile, liver support,

hawthorn, l-theanine, GABA, 5htp,

 passionflower, adrenal support for anxiety. 

Memory foam mattress on the bed

soft warm blankets tucked just right, 

contoured pillow under my head.

Thick curtains close out moonlight.

Come to bed




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