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 This post is from Heloisa Prieto, from Brazil.



Luiz Felippe Prieto, my father, had two nicknames along his life: “Jim from the Jungle”, from the old 60´s TV show, which was later replaced by “Indiana Jones”. A champion swimmer, he spent his childhood playing around in a Guarani community near the beach of Santos and, as an adult, he became an activist for indigenous land and culture preservation. He loved forests and always complained about having to live in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest capital. He loved driving fast on highways, reading two or three books before bedtime, constantly having lots of friends over the house, reading two newspapers and the Bible early in the morning, spending hours speaking on the cell, writing in social media, listening to music and playing with his grandchildren in the swimming pool. His idea of retirement would exhaust anyone around. There was no such a concept as hyperactivity. My mother called him a “force of nature” and she loved his open, adventurous ways.

Yet, my father kept a large collection of broken alarm clocks. He looked after them carefully, without ever having them fixed. My grandmother warned him against bad luck: “broken clocks can make your life go backward”, she said. My mother disagreed: “time must have a stop”, she stated, with her wise, charming voice. 

I have kept his clocks and love to have them around when I write, meditate, or just sit and gaze out of the window, as my own, secret contemplation practice, trying to jump out of time, into eternal memories to feed my soul. After all, storytelling is my way of life and “once upon a time” a password to a magical land of broken clocks and wholesome dreams

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