Readers Response– What is Precious

This response is from Sharon Harmon, of Royalston MA. Thank you, Sharon.

                                                      LITTLE GIRLS DRESSES

Years ago, when my cousin Joanne was stationed with her husband and son in

Germany, she sent a darling little green “Heidi” style dress and pinafore to her niece

Tracey. Never having a daughter of her own she liked having a little girl to spoil. Little

did she know of all the joy it would bring to so many little girls. When Tracey outgrew

it, it was given to cousin Roseanne. From Roseanne, it went to her cousin Brandy.

Brandy passed it on to her cousin Shonna, then Shonna’s sister Tessa, from there it

went to their cousin Shannon. Twenty-three years after Tracy got it, it was given to

baby cousin Molly who wore it a few years later. They all wore it in holiday pictures.

\Seven little girls got a chance to enjoy that darling little dress. 

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3 Responses to Readers Response– What is Precious

  1. Sharon Ann Harmon says:

    Thank You!


    • You’re welcome. Many moms are so happy to pass along their favorite children’​s clothing, and this is an especially sweet story. My dughte​r wore hand me downs from her older cousin Maria, who had the clothing handed down from a friend in Mexico. The clothing easily came thru the border back then.


  2. Dorothy McIver says:

    Loved this story and that these girls were all family over the generations.


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