Readers Respond– What is Precious

I’ve asked readers to respond to my What is Precious posting.  This is the first response. I look forward to sharing more stories from all of you from all parts of the world.  This response comes from Dorothy, in Western MA, US.

One piece of furniture I treasured that I carted around for many moves from 1974-2011 was an old kitchen hoosier cabinet with cupboards and rolltop cover pulled down in front of jars of flour. It had an enamel counter area for rolling pie crusts and assembling ingredients for baking. It resided in the kitchens of my winter rentals and was stored in my parent’s basement in the summers. Then it was in the kitchen of a commune in Maine that I was involved with for a year and a half while we ran a natural foods restaurant. After the restaurant closed and the commune split up it was stored on the porch of my next house with all kinds of odds and ends and tools stashed in it.  Next, it was in my bedroom filled with books and office stuff.  My relationship ended, my dad died, and I decided to do some traveling and stored it again during the four years I traveled and lived in OR, WA, CA,, and AZ. I reclaimed it when I returned to MA in 1985.  Its last home for 18 years was in my kitchen on Conway St. in Greenfield where I stored flour in the old flour jars from the ’20s and where I rolled pie crusts out on the counter and used it for food storage, the same  as when I was a little girl and it was in the kitchen of my childhood home. My mom had it for at least 20 years before I was born. When we had a fire at the house on Conway St. the cabinet survived but it needed some restoration work.  A neighbor bought it and I like to think it got fixed up and is still in someone’s kitchen holding jars of flour beans and rice and that someone is still rolling out piecrusts on the counter.–   Dorothy McIver


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  1. Joy Kaubin says:

    About halfway through this post I realized it had to be, of course, Dorothy!  Very cool, Dorothy. Hugs, Joy

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    • Indeed! Joy, you may have a special perspective, living the lifestyle you know live. Feel welcome to contribute ( refer back to the last friday
      ​ post about the bureau for info! Happy Yule,


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