Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch, and Georgia OKeefe




The front lawn of the  main building


IMG_5801.jpg Our group of painters loves the southwest drove down to Ghost Ranch to experience what drew Georgia OKeefe here firsthand.  As we drove south the mountains were  We left Taos via the Rio Grande Gorge.  We knew we’d go back to paint it, but this day we kept driving to Abiquiu.

IMG_5810.jpgGhost Ranch offers workshops and retreats, horseback riding and more.  We set up our easels on the front lawn until after lunch when the winds blew too hard.IMG_5823.jpg Ghost Ranch offers several types of tours. We took a tour that showed us places that Georgia OKeefe enjoyed painting and took us by her house.IMG_5842.jpgIMG_5843.jpgIMG_5846.jpg Our guide had prints of Georgia’s work and held them up in front of the various rock formations that Georgia had painted. It was startling to see  OKeefe’s take on how to simplify the landscape down to its essence.IMG_5866.jpgIMG_5874.jpg

May you create things that give pleasure

May you learn and always grow

Best, Elaine


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