Taos Paseo Multinational Illumination

Taos.  Light. Night.  Kit Carson. Community. What brings these diverse things together?  The Paseo. That’s what. The Paseo is an experimental community of art coming together with interaction. It’s Art in Kit Carson Park, parking at the local school, light/illumination of all kinds.  And it brings people of all ages into the street to listen, watch, dance, and be part of the art experiment that is paseo… for two nights only.  These photos are only a smattering of what happened at Paseo.

Our favorite was the illuminated tipi, made by the fifth and sixth grade at the local Taos Day School as part of a STEM workshop. This was in Kit Carson Park, not far from the largest display from Madrid Spain. The students combined science with native and western cosmology through art. For more information on this  inspiring project  see  https://paseoproject.org/paseo-2018-indigenous-cosmology-meets-particle-physics-youth-workshop/



At center stage, visible from a distance, was the main display. The Space Cloud was designed by Espacio La Nube, a design/architectural team in Madrid, Spain. It’s a 10,000 sq ft inflatable pavilion, a huge balloon that had an enormous line of people waiting to go inside.IMG_5650.jpgIMG_5651.jpg

Next, there were illuminated balls, umbrellas, and a light show of lightsticks, as well as voice/sound/movement activated displays.  It stretched the imagination and made participating fun.

Enjoy bright moonlit nights wherever you are.





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