Taos Pueblo, Ancient Lands


Taos Pueblo is a world UNESCO site and the people have lived here continually for at least 1000 years.Taos Pueblo is a sovereign nation with a long history of its own, as well as its difficulties with Spanish Rule and US occupancy in the past. Each home is passed from one generation to the next.  Red Willow Creek, also known as Rio Pueblo, de Taos runs through the village and divides the North and South homes. The creek is the water source for the community.  Water is carried from the creek to homes for use in cooking and cleaning,  The water source for the creek is the Blue Lake, a glacier lake deep into the Pueblo lands and restricted from the public.

The homes are built from adobe bricks made from earth, straw, and water, formed and dried in the sun.  When dried, they are stacked and layered with more adobe mixture.  Then a coating is applied, and it’s reapplied each year. The individual straw seedheads shine in light so that sometimes the buildings almost shine right back at the sun.  Photography is solely for personal use, so my photographs here are from the large folding ticket for the public. For more information go to Taospueblo.com .



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