Voting in America


IMG_5251 2.jpg  I’m really only writing about voting in Warwick, but that didn’t sound as catchy…. but in a town of less than 800 people, it’s perhaps more personal and more interesting.   The photograph above is the town hall, the only place we vote. Western Massachusetts is two hours from Boston, but our life styles are very different. Warwick has a  population of 780 people and is more than half forest.


Once inside, you state your party and identify yourself. Then your’e given a ballot. This is the dining area of the town hall, but all of the table are down and the voting booths are up.  And yes, I know everyone here.  After you vote, you walk over to this fine voting machine, so your vote can be counted. You put the ballot in, and the handle gets cranked to pull it inside. The number in the front  counts the ballots.


IMG_5254 2.jpgIMG_5255.jpgIMG_5256.jpgIMG_5265.jpg

The kids are back to school, and the sun falls golden through the leaves and lights the ponds. It’s a perfect excuse to take time from the day’s work to go for a swim.  My friend Kerry & I voted and then we jumped into Moore’s pond for a swim.

May September bring goodness.






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  1. Dorothy McIver says:

    Hope you are getting settled into your stay in New Mexico and I envision you​ painting some of the beautiful landscapes there.




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