Franklin County Fair Celebrates Harvest

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The Franklin County fair is the longest ongoing fair in the United States.  It’s been happening each September since 1848.  This is a peek  inside.  Anyone can enter something that they’ve made or grown, or farm animals they care for.  There is the usual fair food, and today we have a sunny day that’s cool enough to walk around.  The first building through the gates is the round house, and side are adult crafts, flowers, fruits, vegetables, honey and maple syrup from the surround area.IMG_5279.jpgIMG_5281.jpg



There are a lot of prize winners here! There’s a variety of eggs from many kinds of hens,  jams, pickled and canned goods, all grown in local gardens.



A great surprise!

I walked into the Youth Building and found my granddaughters, Lina Martinez Nocito and Elena Martinez Nocito, had both won prizes.  Lina won first prize  for hand spinning, dying, and knitting this soft  hat, and her sister Ella for a dinosaur sculpture.  Last year I saw them both knitting up a storm at the Sunderland libraries’ knitting group and was surprised how  well they seemed to do. I’m not a knitter!IMG_5308.jpgIMG_5309.jpg

This was taken at an odd angle into a glass case, so there is reflection.

Next are the animals. This silver-nosed cow kept trying to lick me.



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How is the harvest season celebrated in your corner of the world? Do you have anything special that marks the end of summer?




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