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Skirting the Liberties

The Liberties area of Dublin includes Francis Street loaded with antique shops and galleries, the Tailors Hall (1707), Dublin’s oldest surviving guildhall,  St James Church, John Lane’s church, St. Audoen’s Church, The  St. James’ Gate Brewery, Guinness. and a block … Continue reading

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Iveagh Gardens

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Short and Small: The Wall

This is a photo of the wall, or what’s left of the wall around Dublin’s old city.  There’s a few chunks like this here and there.  Not much, huh. I remember how the Berlin Wall came happily down,  and  how … Continue reading

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Good News today for Sleepyheads

  Many thanks to Tamara at Sleepytime Cental, a magazine devoted to good sleep hygene.. They’ve gone live today and included one of my poems, along with a wonderful painting.  This is a lovely magazine to take a look at. … Continue reading

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A quiet reflection garden to honor

August 17 Between the Dublin Castle and Chester Beatty museum there is a large circular garden with benches that people from all around the world enjoy walking through, sitting, and enjoying the flowers.  They stop and take photographs of each … Continue reading

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Dublin Castle

August 17.  I acknowledged what a difficult reminder of past political difficulties Dublin Castle has been for me, and resolved it was time for letting go. Didn’t Michael Collins visit there himself in January 1922?  That’s when England handed the place … Continue reading

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Saint Saviors Church Dublin

August 16 Davey, a new friend from my new writing group suggested that I may like to visit this church. He considers it a special place, and Davy knows a lot of hidden corners of Dublin. The Dominicans came to Dublin … Continue reading

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Ode to Brown Bread

August 14.  Today is about my  family culture & food. My parents met as immigrants in Boston where both families landed.  Both families needed to leave their homelands for survival reasons. My Dad was a  young teen when they arrived … Continue reading

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Around Town Reading Today

  The Guinness end of town begins here as well as The Camino. Last night & today I took photos of environmental print that caught my eye. I’d love to know if any of these catch your eye, and what it … Continue reading

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How I Got 403 Comments on One Blog Post

I’m really liking this blog about blogging as I try to learn to e a better bloggaah!

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