Joyce and Sweny by Merrion Park


People told me about this place but  I  didn’t come across it in wandering. Finally I  turned a corner and there wa Sweny’s. The moment I opened the door I was handed a book. I was the next reader, and it was my first time reading Joyce.  Sweny’s pharmacy  is literally right out of Joyce’s book and you can be the next reader in the next group.


Sweny’s has many readings in a Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English weekly.  It’s at Lincoln Place around the corner from the National Gallery. Enjoy! My time here is coming to a close.  I thought I’d be spending heaps of time on my next book but exploring  and sharing has been far too interesting.




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  1. Anna Cullen says:

    Happy to have you coming home but very sorry our tour of Dublin and area is coming to a close Thanks for taking us along Anna and Lefty

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