FilMs and Photographs in Temple Bar


Imagine you’re walking next with me and my friend Davy who is giving me a second look at spots I’ve walked past. We’re just off Temple Lane when spot this sign and can’t help but sing and even begin to dance a bit because it’s such a funny riff on great song. Just around the corner is a place I walked past and even sat at, and wondered what I was missing. Well, I had missed the doorway, just out of view. Lucky for me Davey thought this was a good place to know about. Just before we turned the corner we saw this couple tying the knot.IMG_5004.jpg

Soon I was once again impressed by the heights the Irish have taken the umbrella concept.

IMG_5016 2.jpg

IMG_5018 2.jpg

The stairs are semi hidden by the grandeur of the sculpture like umbrellas. They’re like huge poppies open to the sun.


And then we come to the doorway. It’s an Irish film library with films of historical value as well as newer films, and then many other films on DVD, as well as film magazines.  There are free vintage films shown on Wednesday afternoons, and  a great cafe for lunch and dinner. The place has a good vibe and good coffee.  The menu is delicious and adventurous.


This place makes a great use of space. It’s  interesting to walk into and have a bite. Temple Bar has a good many ways to spend money, but this spot is good value as well as spacious, another rare commodity in Temple Bar.


Just around the corner is the National Library Photograph Archive.  You can visit them  online.


A sample of what’s up on the walls… Visit them online.

IMG_5012 2.jpg

Next we found a good bookshop that flies under the radar. Dubray Bookshop on Grafton Street has three floors of books. They’re online at If you walk up the staircase you’ll find a quiet cafe away from the always bustling Grafton Street.  They serve teas, coffees, lunches ,delicious scones and sweets as well.  I found two small books I’d been looking for.Then on our  way out I found a couple more books about Harry Clarke, the Irish famous stained glass artist . I resisted these as they wouldn’t fit in the luggage. 

Last, I wonder about what you notice that strikes your funny bone or that seems dear to you when you’ve travelled, even if it’s just a walk away from home.

 For example, it’s not a grand thing, but I love the photo I started with today.  That song has stayed in my head, and the humor in it is delightful. Sometimes we find these things that delight us close to home as well.  I’d love to hear about what has captured you attention and delight, in the comments section.

Best,  Elaine

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