Glasnevin Cemetery & National Botanical Garden


It’s a powerful place to see, just 2 miles from the city center.  All your patriots are all buried here from Kevin Barry, who died just up the road, to DeValera and Michael Collins, and anyone in between, including Maud Gonne.  There’s a feeling to the place. I walked through the length of Glasnevin into the National Garden. I’d love to bring my gardening friends here to see the sumptuous outdoor beds. There’s a caring that you feel in both places.



The greenhouses are glorious and just out of a fairy tale.


Above is some bougainville , and below are some bog plants.  This is the type of flower that entices the insects into the flower and then eats them.


There are  many small roads to walk along to view a variety of outdoor gardens, but I ran out of steam  after walking along the herbaceous beds. You could pack a lunch or eat at either the garden cafe or the cemetery cafe. I had the best bowl of seafood chowder at the cemetery, so if you’re up in the neighborhood, it’s highly recommended even if it souonds silly to go to the cemetery cafe for lunch.

The garden currently has a nightshades exhibit on.  IMG_4830.jpgIMG_4826.jpg





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