A neighborhood walkabout: What’s on Offer.

The circus is arriving in town soon, and it looks good!

IMG_4379 2.jpg

Next I visited a couple bookshops.  These happen to be rare and first edition books out on the shelf.


I walked by the Dublin Castle, where they are getting ready for the Pope’s visit,  rolling out the blue carpet, putting up pop up structures, adding new flower pots to the street.


Now I aplogize for the poor quality, but this was a dark window into a closed antque shop on Francis Street.



If youo’ve seen the movie “Once” you know Grafton Street has oodles of  excellent musicans. Here’s a sampling.


Guiness is never far,  Mr Guiness was a more than fair employer, and the fellow working at the admissions when I went by said he was very happy with his job and he has wonderful benefits.  So when you raise a jar, your spreading goodness in the world.




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  1. Sharon Ann Harmon says:

    Love the pics of the antique shop and the beer place

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    • Thanks! It was good to talk to the workers at Guiness and here how peased they are with their employee packages, as well. Arthur Guiness himself did a lot to support the families that worked for him, and I the two fellows I spoke to said that has continued. I went up there because I have a 2nd cousin whose grandparents got married at the church right net to Guiness, and they lived in what likely was worker housing. I told my cousin I’d take a photo of the house & church for him.


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