The Angels


Each time I come to Dublin I visit the angels that stand guard over the country at the O’Connell Statue.  When I wasn’t yet  8 years old, my Nan, Kate O’Connell gave me a calendar with the photo of the angels and the OConnell Street bridge.  She said  go there one day, and I have. We are close to the post office here as well, so it’s an emotional place to be.IMG_4773.jpgIMG_4775.jpg

The Angels represent Fidelity, Courage, Patriotism, and Eloquence. Above the Angels stands O’Connell himself at the very top, with a frieze that represents people from all walks of life. The central figure of Eire  is trampling down on chains ands hold the 1829 Act of Catholic Emancipation. The shields of the four provinces are held prominently by the limestone base as well.  This statue was unveiled in 1882.

May all beings be safefrom harm,

May all lands be safe from harm.







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  1. Kerry and Gregg Stone says:

    love these angels ,great photos!!


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