Brú na Bóinne Knowth, Dowth



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The entrance where the winter solstice sun enters to hit the back wall at the end of a long narrow passage.

Brú na Bóinne became a World Heritage Site in 1993. Brú na Bóinne, also known as  Newgrange has been settled for at least 6,000 years.  The tombs are dated to late stone age. Construction of the passage tomb started roughly around 3300 BC.

Newgrange is the easiest of the three large sites to see because tours and buses come here, and it’s set up for large amounts of visitors.  Dowth and Knowth are a short distance-away.


Our Lady River Goddess, called The Boyne by many



Next we  come to Knowth, and we don’t get to Dowth at all.  Two different archeologists worked at Newgrange and Dowth, and they had two very different philosophies and ways of working, which you can have a taste of as you look at the photographs of both sites and compare.



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IMG_0830.jpgIMG_0845 2.jpgThe stones were left in place, and there are more stones still carved on the outside of Knowth.  There is the feeling that it’s been newly discovered and it’s all new and fresh for you to discover what’s left behind here.


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This mace head is found at the National Museum on Kildare Street. It’s no larger than my thumb nail.





There are quite a few smaller passage tombs closeby.  It’s  worth a visit during a less busy time,if possible as this place has been discovered and has grown in popularity each time I visit.  And as they say, It’s older than the pyramids.     

If you’ve been here yourself, or if you have a preference of one site rather than the other, what your preference is, and if you know why you feel that way.

May the Blessings of the Old Ones, be with you,



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  1. Kerry and Gregg Stone says:

    so cool… thanks for sharing these photos…Elaine

    xo, Kerry


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    • My pleasure.I often imagine friends are with me when I see something interesting, or something others would enjoy. I’d love for you to see the stained glass by Clarke. His faces & bodies are exquisite. Today on the I was happy no one was with me as I walked through the huge Glasavin cemetery in order to to to the Botanical Gardens… lots of walking.


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