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IMG_4255 2.jpg

The Guinness end of town begins here as well as The Camino.

IMG_4257.jpgLast night & today I took photos of environmental print that caught my eye. I’d love to know if any of these catch your eye, and what it may evoke, if you’d like to share in the comments section.  It’s interesting to notice what captures attention in our environment.



St James Church shares the corner with the brewery,


Posters along the way help you plan your entertainment

I began late afternoon walking  towards the Guinness area, where my  cousin Dan’s  great grandparents got married and lived, right around the corner from Guinness at St. James Church.  On the way I passed a cookie shop that captured  my attention.  I used to enjoy baking cookies with my daughter Jenny.



When I got up this morning, I followed a new friend’s advice and hopped onto the DART to enjoy a coastal ridge where the train tracks hug the coastline.IMG_4287.jpgIMG_4288.jpg


These posters are in train station

I snapped these next photos from the train window  going to Greystones, a small town an hour train ride south of Dublin.  We ravel on some ocean side cliffs but I couldn’t take photos there as I closed my eyes.IMG_4292.jpgIMG_4297.jpg


Upon return to Dublin I walked past this shop that I stumbled upon years ago. Dublin has grown sophisticated around this shop that remains true to its late 1880’s beginning.

IMG_4298.jpgFinally as I got close to home, taking another route, I passed this bit of info carved on the stone. It’s only around the corner , but a corner I hadn’t yet turned.

IMG_4281 2.jpg

I’m told that  the phrase on tenterhooks began here.  And now  I’m on tenterhooks, wondering if any of these photos resonate with you and why that may be, or if you have a favorite photo of our own that  includes environmental print.

Good Night to all,




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