Seamus Heaney at the National Library


There’s very little that I’d say, being in the company of this man Rather, I’d let this exhibit speak for itself.  It’s quite moving and it’s deep; It’s like swimming in deep surf, even once in a while landing on a sandbar and catching your breath before plunging in again.









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Heaney’s poetry is timeless to me. It could be ancient.H e received this letter when I was in school and  becoming a writer seemed  impossible in my world.

IMG_4044 3.jpgIMG_4050.jpgAgain, I take great comfort is seeing his revision process on a number of poems; some went quickly, others over a longer span of time. In reading Heaney’s words, whether is was a love poem to his partner, a letter to a friend, or a note to a young student that wrote to him and sent along a drawing, Heaney was accepting and positive.  He seemed to have moved in a state of grace.IMG_4051.jpg




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This part of the exhibit propelled me back into my bedroom at night , praying for peace, for this long conflict to end. The newspaper headlines at the time were difficult, and they were up on the wall today, for example,  Tommy Sands dying on the hunger strike in 1981.IMG_4075 2.jpg

IMG_4081.jpgPhotos from my visit at the Listen Now Again exhibition, put on by the National LIbrary of Ireland at the Bank of Ireland Cultural and Heritage Centre.

May all Beings Live in Peace


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