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It’s not often a poet is given their own billboard, and right now in Dublin there are two ‘hot’ shows; Yeats, and around the corner Seamus Heaney.   I planned to visit both, but spent too long at the National Library… seduced by tea & scones as well as books.  I’ll walk you through with me. Remember the room is dark and I’m shooting with a simple camera at peculiar angles.IMG_3888.jpg


One of the more delightful things as a writer was to see someone like Yeats crossing things out and such. It was lovely to see so many drafts of particular poems. I also appreciated that he wasn’t a very neat writer.IMG_3889 2.jpg


Writing from his journal, including the poem The Stolen Child


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I learned that Yeats delved into astrology, and Georgie, his wife, did some automatic writing. His sisters were also busy, and some broadsides his sister is responsible can be seen at the Museum of Art, and likely soon at this website as well.


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IMG_3970.jpgIMG_3971.jpgOne could have stayed in the room for days to delve into these riches. Having only an afternoon, I hope you’ve found something delightful or at least interesting.




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