Neighborhood Gardens


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The Gardens are like small like jeweled boxes filled with individual delights. This is mostly around the block from my house, and then up the road a bit where the florist shop is, near St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Currently the breeze and rain are hitting the plam trees. The fronds makde a sound like a fan with something stuck in it as they move.

IMG_3814.jpgIMG_3760.jpgIMG_3748.jpgIMG_3745.jpgIMG_3744.jpgIMG_3743.jpgIMG_3731.jpgIMG_3733.jpgIMG_3737.jpgIMG_3738.jpgAnd my favoite , when I turned the corner towards home, was watching two to kids blowing bubbles in front of thier parents shop.IMG_3750.jpg


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Poet, writer, gardener, herbalist, beginner artist- pottery, painting—communing with Spirits of the Forest and Field, bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.
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4 Responses to Neighborhood Gardens

  1. Sharon Ann Harmon says:

    Love the flowers in the tiny gardens can’t believe there are palm trees in Ireland?!


    • Yes, There are palm trees even in the northen counties of the Republic. \There are also a couple chest high rosemary shrubs– the size of a small car, and I’ve seen rosemary grow wild down in cork. The fuchsia also grows wild.


  2. Don Karp says:

    Hi Elaine–

    I love your posts on your Ireland trip.

    Here’s a slide show of a local garden that I’ll be featuring in an upcoming blog post in Letters From Mexico .


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